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Herbes et épices de Thaïlande

Herbs and spices are widely used in Thai cooking. They give Thai food its very distinctive character. There are about 30 main herbs and spices, which form the basis for Thai cooking. Herbs and spices can improve your health !

Kaffir Lime(Ma-Krut)
Leaves uses as garnish in certain curries, soups and salads. Peels are added to several curry pastes. Leaves and peels contain a volatile oil. The main benefit of the juice is an appetiser.

Mint (Sa ra nae)
The fresh leaves are used as a flavouring and eaten raw in some Thai dishes. The beneficial uses include carminative, mild antiseptic, local anesthetic, diaphoretic and digestant properties.

Lemon Grass (Ta-khrai)
Used as seasoning and flavouring in certain soups and curry pastes. The benefits are as a diurectic, emmenagogue, antiflatulence, antiflu and antimicrobial agents.

Galanga (Kha)
Roots are used in some curry pastes and soups. They have therapeutic uses as carminative, stomachic, antirheumatic and antimicrobial agents.

Pepper (Phrik Thai)
Used as a spice and condiment in some Thai curries. The benefits include carminative, antipyretic, diaphoretic and diuretic agents.